EarlySense Product Videos

We started working with EarlySense in mid 2018 on a series of testimonial videos, which were covered in this blog post. Toward the end of 2018 they came to us looking for a product video along with some training videos.

The training videos are still in post production, but we recently finished the product video, which ended up being a set of videos. EarlySense wanted to show what their product does, what it can be used for and how it is effective. We worked with them to craft a script that would get those points across in a short form video. While creating the script we realized that they wanted to use this for 2 purposes- for a very high overview as well as a more detailed look at the product. To fit both of those needs we ended up making 2 versions of the video, a quick 40 second version and a more detailed two and a half minute version.

To pull these videos together we were able to utilize a lot of footage that we shot during the testimonial videos. For the footage we didn’t already have we marked off some time in a shoot we had planned for a series of training videos. To shoot those we rented a space at the Center for Medical Simulations, Inc in Charlestown, MA.

The Center for Medical Simulations is a really cool space that rents out rooms to medical companies, doctors in training and the like, to simulate scenarios in a setting that’s as close to a real hospital as you can get. Their capabilities went far beyond what we needed, but having a space that looked like a hospital room, but didn’t have the issues of shooting in a real hospital was a huge plus.