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EarlySense Employee Appreciation Day Video

In a typical shoot for a company video we’ll conduct numerous interviews. For the EarlySense Company video we had 7 interviews, each lasting 8-15 minutes. We took the best of this content to tell the Company’s story. However, in this case and most cases there was a lot of gold left un-mined.

We worked with EarlySense to repurpose some of this unused content. One of the ways we did this was for their Employee Appreciation Day. We created this quick video from content that didn’t make the full Company video but told the unique story of their employees and why they’re so important to the company.

Repurposing content like this is a very cost effective way to make the money you spend on filming video content go much further.

EarlySense Company Video

We worked with EarlySense on a series of testimonial videos and product videos last year. They wanted to put together a video showing their company and their culture.

EarlySense is based in Woburn as well as Israel, so we based the shoot around their annual meeting where the whole company was in town. We came up with a loose script highlighting the key points they wanted to get out and created questions based off of those so the answers would be in the employees own words.

We started out the video with an open ended question which we quick cut together as an intro. This technique is nice for a video like this because it incorporates a lot of employees and brings some energy to the start of the video.

Colin and Vic shot all of the interviews and broll throughout the day and we also had photographer, Billie Weiss on hand doing corporate headshots. In one day EarlySense was able to knock out a full video shoot as well as update their website photos while everyone was in town. We were also able to repurpose some of the footage in a video for Employee appreciation day which we’ll post later.