Northeastern University College of Engineering Co-op Video

We’ve done a lot of work with the various schools at Northeastern over the past few years. We were introduced to the College of Engineering last year when we put together their S-POWER Grant Video.

They came to us late in 2018 looking to put together a video showcasing their Co-op program. They were looking to play this video at their accepted students day to entice new students to join them. We put tougher this 3 minute video that does just that.

We interviewed 9 students in total who had various backgrounds and Co-op experiences, including one that was currently in a Co-op at Bose. The short form of this video doesn’t lend to getting deep into each of the 9 stories but I think the blend of experiences came together to show how many exciting opportunities students can have in Co-ops along with how important they are when looking for jobs.

We had planned on putting together the 2 or 3 best student stories into their own quick video, but after all of the interviews were complete they decided to do all 9. We took each of the interviews and created 9, 1-2 minute videos on each student that they’ll share on their website and social media channels.