ResMed Resupply Testimonial Video

ResMed is a medical supply company who recently rolled out a new product, RedMed ReSupply.  ReSupply allows medical supply companies to automate the ordering process for their patients, saving everyone time and effort.

They started tested ReSupply at a few locations and wanted to highlight the success they had in the form of a testimonial video.  We traveled to one of these locations, Advanced Medical Solutions in Ypsilanti, MI.

We interviewed 3 of the AMS Employees that worked closely with the system as well as a patient who used it.  In a day’s shoot we were able to capture their stories along with the B-roll we needed to tell it.

On top of the video for ResMed, they wanted us to create a second video that would be more focused on AMS so we could give it to them as a thank you for participating in the process.

Especially with a new product like this, testimonial videos are a great way to showcase their effectiveness. The message coming from the customer, rather than yourself not only lends more validity to the claims, but also helps in building an even stronger connection with that customer.


Care Innovations: Marsha

Care Innovations makes a product called Health Harmony that allows nurses to monitor their patients remotely. They’re able to capture their vitals as well as communicate with them through an iPad.

Teaming up with Aetna Better Health of Louisiana, Care Innovations wanted to tell the story of one of their members, Marsha. Marsha has been successfully using the Health Harmony system for almost a year with great results.

We traveled down to Franklin, Louisiana where Marsha lives and filmed her story along with some broll around her house and town with her and her daughter. Marsha was so great to work with and truly an A+ in terms of patients for a testimonial.

We also filmed interviews with Care Innovations CEO Randy Swanson, Aetna Better Health of Louisiana CEO Rick Bourne and Care Innovations Nurse, Devin McElreath. These interviews provided great context to Marsha’s story.

You can see how it all came together in the final piece above. Marsha had so many powerful quotes to pull from that telling her story was easy!

Early Sense Testimonials

EarlySense is a medical device that is made up of a bed sensor and recording system. The system allows Doctors and Nurses at hospitals and care facilities to monitor patients vitals and other relevant information from a terminal at the nurses station.

This product is pretty amazing and had a great story to help tell. The team at EarlySense wanted to create some testimonials showcasing how the system has been working at a few of their long term care facilities around the country.

We traveled to Allure- Hamilton Park in Brooklyn, NY, Avanti Wellness and Rehabilitation in Niles, IL and Good Shepherd Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation in Ashland, OH.

At each facility we filmed testimonials along with b-roll to help illustrate the great impact EarlySense has had on the care teams and their patients.