Our Team

Pat Henderson
Pat HendersonFounder and Executive Producer
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Pat started path8 Productions in 2009 as a side job while working in health care marketing. As the business grew it became a full time job and into a company. With almost 15 years of experience in the industry including 3 New England Emmy Awards, Pat leads the team at path8.
Erik Uustal
Erik UustalWriter and Producer
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Erik, a writer and producer at path8 since 2020, works meticulously to discover and transform content from our projects and shoots into messaging that will speak to your audience. Erik enjoys diving head-first into our clients’ worlds, learning about each organization, their missions, and the benefits they bring to others.
Sheeka Sanahori
Sheeka SanahoriProducer
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Sheeka has 15+ years of experience in storytelling and video production. In that time, she’s produced live TV, led digital video production for national editorial brands and project managed marketing and events campaigns.
Evan Mauner
Evan MaunerVideo Production Specialist
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Evan is a Boston-based DP with a passion for vibrant and impactful storytelling. With years of experience spanning medium, look, and message, he strives to produce frames with both intrigue and purpose.
Jonah Bult
Jonah BultVideo Specialist
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Jonah is an experienced videographer and editor with an eye for detail and quality in everything he produces. He enjoys creating content that has meaning and makes an impact on the viewer.
Kyle Hannon
Kyle HannonMotion Designer
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Kyle is a master of creating animations that clearly explain complex topics as well as engage the audience. He has been obsessed with design and keyframes since 2012, and has 3 Telly awards. Kyle loves coffee, cats, and 3D printing.
Matt Martyn
Matt MartynEditor
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Matt is an unparalleled visual storyteller and he’s able to elevate the content on each video through his edits. Inspired by Youtube and social media, he blends creative cuts and unique music to bring an energy to all his videos.
Austin Wilder
Austin WilderDP
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Austin, a videographer with path8 since 2017, thrives on capturing stories through his lens. His journey has led him to film in 25 states and 4 countries, including prestigious events like the Emmys and Super Bowls. Austin enjoys shooting dynamic b-roll that authentically highlights individuals in their own elements, and has worked with notable figures such as VP Kamala Harris, Patrick Mahomes, and David Ortiz.
Kyrah Davis
Kyrah DavisSocial Media Manager
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Kyrah has been with the company since 2021. As a social media manager, she enjoys finding fun new ways to engage with followers and partners of path8.