Aunt Jenny's Party

AUNT JENNYS PARTY IS GONNA SUCK ASS, AUNT JENNYS PARTY IS GONNA SUCK ASS.  People were chanting it in the bathroom and at the lobby during intermission.  We’d just left the first act of Improv Asylum’s “Some Buddies in Here” show, which ended on a rap- Aunt Jenny’s Party and it was already stuck in everyone’s heads.

It was the funniest sketch I’d seen at IA and half way through the first time hearing it I thought- this has to be a music video.  The unfortunate thing about most improv show content is that it dies once the run of show ends, or even that night if it’s an improv segment.  Aunt Jenny’s Party had to go on!

Luckily, the Co-creator, John MacGregor was my improv teacher at the time.  A few months later I met with John and his partner, Alex Kagy and we talked about how to make AJP’s music video a reality.

They recorded the track with IA’s music director Steve Sarro and we were off and running.  We set up the shoot in 3 days, which worked out in chronological order- getting ready, the drive to the party and then the party itself.

We filmed the getting ready scenes at a friends apartment in the North End.  The intro of the song is stings over a voice mail, so we used the letterbox with flat color and slow panning shots to add a cinematic flair.

The commute shoot day came together very last minute as we were struggling to find a location that had a keypad, gate guard booth and gate all in 1 place.  We were going to fake it but then White Cliffs Country Club cake to the rescue.  I had filmed a wedding at White Cliffs and remembered there being a gate with a keypad, so I reached out to them as a shot in the dark and morning of they gave us the go!  It really couldn’t have worked out better and was literally what was in our heads for the scene.


We filmed the “getting the ice” piece at the Sunoco by Fenway Park, as it’s named in the song.  The 50 min drive to White Cliffs gave us plenty of time to film the driving scenes and also made us feel like we were really driving all the way to Aunt Jenny’s.

This part of the shoot really came together thanks to Billy Cox who stole the show as the gate guard.  John and Alex spoke with Billy while we were still at the Sunoco and got the final go from him.  We picked him up at his place in Dorchester on the way down.  He was fully committed to the role- even shaving his beard down to just a mustache in the White Cliffs parking lot.  


Aside from Billy, the Co-MVP of the day was his sandwich.  Our PA, Rocky Brown was on baby powder duty, making that sandwich look as old and dusty as possible.

The shoot went flawless, we got everything we needed and more.  Billy had so many good outtakes in the sketch portion that we decided to save it for the end credits.

The third shoot day was the actual party.  We rented an AirBnB in Southie.  I looked for the smallest AirBnBs I could find and found the perfect Aunt Jenny’s Condo.  It had a comically small love seat, had only 2 chairs, no TV and was super small.  All exactly how the song states.


The rest of the IA crew came up huge for the party.  Filling out the cast of characters were Kelly Dooley as Aunt Jenny, as she played in the show, Joey Lopez as Cousin Steve and the rest of the crew of the main stage along with some other members of the family as the party goers.

The party shoot was long, but we got through each scene one by one and got everything to wrap.  My favorite scenes were when they party got “crazy”- we shot in 120 FPS for some super slime dramatic shots of Aunt Jenny and her crew getting crazy.

We finished up the edit shortly after and here it is.  

I honestly have a good time working on every project we do at path8, but this one takes the cake for obvious reasons.  It was such a blast collaborating with 2 great comedians and all of the extras we worked with.  Start to finish we had fun in every part of the project, and everything went super smoothly.  Most fun of all was being part of bringing something from a hilarious song on stage, to an idea, to a reality.


2019 Bfit Challenge- The 100 Club of Massachusetts

A few months back I wrote a post about the commercial we put together publicizing the BFit Challenge. The actual event was this past Sunday and we were there to cover it for the 100 Club of Massachusetts.

This event marks a year since we started working with the 100 Club, so we have a great feel for what they’re looking for in their video content. Last year at the event we created an overall testimonial video on what they do and who they’ve helped, so this year we were able to get more targeted.

We came up with the concept of using the video as coverage for the event and thanking the participants at the end. We led with a simple “I’m running for _____” line and included a couple brief quotes on how the 100 Club helps these families of first responders and closed with the Thank You.

Since this video is really event based we wanted to get it out asap after the event, so we were able to turn it around within a day, so they could release it on their social channels while the event was still fresh on everyones minds.

As with every project we do with the 100 Club, I was taken back with the stories the survivor families shared and always come away with a renewed appreciation for our first responders, who put their lives on the line every day.

EarlySense Product Videos

We started working with EarlySense in mid 2018 on a series of testimonial videos, which were covered in this blog post. Toward the end of 2018 they came to us looking for a product video along with some training videos.

The training videos are still in post production, but we recently finished the product video, which ended up being a set of videos. EarlySense wanted to show what their product does, what it can be used for and how it is effective. We worked with them to craft a script that would get those points across in a short form video. While creating the script we realized that they wanted to use this for 2 purposes- for a very high overview as well as a more detailed look at the product. To fit both of those needs we ended up making 2 versions of the video, a quick 40 second version and a more detailed two and a half minute version.

To pull these videos together we were able to utilize a lot of footage that we shot during the testimonial videos. For the footage we didn’t already have we marked off some time in a shoot we had planned for a series of training videos. To shoot those we rented a space at the Center for Medical Simulations, Inc in Charlestown, MA.

The Center for Medical Simulations is a really cool space that rents out rooms to medical companies, doctors in training and the like, to simulate scenarios in a setting that’s as close to a real hospital as you can get. Their capabilities went far beyond what we needed, but having a space that looked like a hospital room, but didn’t have the issues of shooting in a real hospital was a huge plus.

Lindos Sueños

Aside from path8, I work part time on the video production team for the Boston Red Sox.  This summer I was fortunate enough to be sent on the annual Lindos Sueños trip.

Lindos Sueños is a program associate with the Red Sox Foundation that sends 10 Dominican teenagers and 10 American teenagers down to the village of El Mamón in the Dominican Republic where they help build 2 houses and also join to form a baseball team.

I was along on the trip to document the work and this is the short documentary I made on the trip.  It was truly a special trip to a special place.  

El Mamón was unlike anywhere I’ve ever been, it was like walking into a different time period.  Houses were very crudely built, the roads were all dirt paths, and there was hardly any electricity.  The people however were amazing, they were super kind and welcoming and really enjoy the life that we’d look at as unfortunate.

In the doc, I tried to capture a little of Mamón and its people along with the importance of the trip and the work that Lindos Sueños does.

For more informaion on Lindos Sueños and information on how to donate, visit their website.

Dissertation by Design

We first worked with Jessica Parker when she was at Northeastern University, working on the Innovations in Oral Health and Nurse Practitioner Dental Model teams. Jessica recently started her own business, Dissertation by Design which coaches students through the dissertation process.

DBD was looking to promote their services as part of their new website and branding launch. We worked with them to create a script and video that would do just that. We shot the whole project in a half day at Northeastern’s beautiful ISEC Building, utilizing the connections she still has as a part time facility member.

The final piece came together very nicely, hitting on all of the key points DBD was looking for. We look forward to working with Dissertation by Design as they continue to grow.

The 100 Club: BFit Event Commercial

The 100 Club of Massachusetts is a special organization that assists families of firefighters and police officers who lose their lives on duty. Every year they partner with the Boston Bruins for the BFit First Responder Challenge. The event helps fund the 100 Club’s efforts in helping those families.

This past January we filmed the event, along with some interviews during it. We pulled aside some families who were helped by the 100 Cub, along with officers and fire fighters who are active members. We used this to put together a short video. With the event coming up again this year, they wanted us to create a promo utilizing what we shot last year. You can see the final product above. If you’d like to donate to this year’s event, you can do so here.

MassEcon Celebrating 25 Years

MassEcon is celebrating its 25 year anniversary this year. They were looking for a video to kick off their celebration event as well as live on their website afterwards.

We worked together to craft a story that showed the impact of the first 25 years of MassEcon as well as highlighted the importance of their big award, the Economic Impact Award. We did so by interviewing a great list of people:

Along with Susan Houston who’s led MassEcon for the past 25 years as Executive Director and the Executive Director-Elect, Peter Abair.

The interviews went great and paired with some Broll MassEcon had from the past along with some that we shot we were able to put together a final product that everyone was excited about.

Why the name path8 Productions?


I started my production company as a side gig while working a full time marketing job in 2009. I was more worried with type of work I’d be able to find and what equipment to buy then I was about the name of the company, so Pat Henderson Productions was an easy placeholder.

Almost a decade later a lot has changed and I felt it was time for the name to change as well. Now my full time job, PHP was more than just myself. I have a great team of people that work with me on every project and I wanted the name to portray that, so we set out to come up with a new name.

It was difficult! Coming up with something that is easy to say and spell, would look cool in a logo and has a readily available .com address was not easy. We threw around everything from made up words, to ways to say coffee or the number 8 (2 of my favorite things), and even joked about “Hot for November” since it was a warm November night.

At the end of all the brainstorming, I kept going back and thinking it needed to be more personal to work. Luckily for me, my name and last name initial, Pat H spells a word! A word that works well in the line of story telling and has worked well for my wedding company, path wedding films. I felt it needed more than simply “Path Productions” (plus that URL was taken) and as I mentioned before 8 is my favorite number. When I googled path8 no production companies came up, but Life Path 8 did.

I had no idea life paths were a thing, but as I read I identified with a lot of the generalities about people who are “life path 8”, especially:

A person with the number 8 in their chart will work diligently to achieve their goals. This person would make a good business manager and leader. They thrive on hard work, and more than any other Life Path number are prone to becoming a workaholic. Think big and go for it. The 8 is the number of manifestation. What you focus on with clear intent, integrity, and effort can magically manifest with amazing power.

So with the new name locked in, we’re ready to go. It’s the same company, the same people, but with a fresh face, ready to take on whatever comes!

Care Innovations: Marsha

Care Innovations makes a product called Health Harmony that allows nurses to monitor their patients remotely. They’re able to capture their vitals as well as communicate with them through an iPad.

Teaming up with Aetna Better Health of Louisiana, Care Innovations wanted to tell the story of one of their members, Marsha. Marsha has been successfully using the Health Harmony system for almost a year with great results.

We traveled down to Franklin, Louisiana where Marsha lives and filmed her story along with some broll around her house and town with her and her daughter. Marsha was so great to work with and truly an A+ in terms of patients for a testimonial.

We also filmed interviews with Care Innovations CEO Randy Swanson, Aetna Better Health of Louisiana CEO Rick Bourne and Care Innovations Nurse, Devin McElreath. These interviews provided great context to Marsha’s story.

You can see how it all came together in the final piece above. Marsha had so many powerful quotes to pull from that telling her story was easy!

There is Life

We worked on this video for the Boston Public Health Commission’s Pink and Black Campaign. They wanted to tell the stories of a few amazing women who have survived breast cancer.

The process started with a focus group in which we heard these women’s stories. We used those stories to put together a script, using their own words that would flow nicely and cover all of the categories we felt important to cover.

We then met with each woman individually and recorded their voice overs along with b-roll relevant to them. This all came together in a very impactful way in the finished piece above.

Early Sense Testimonials

EarlySense is a medical device that is made up of a bed sensor and recording system. The system allows Doctors and Nurses at hospitals and care facilities to monitor patients vitals and other relevant information from a terminal at the nurses station.

This product is pretty amazing and had a great story to help tell. The team at EarlySense wanted to create some testimonials showcasing how the system has been working at a few of their long term care facilities around the country.

We traveled to Allure- Hamilton Park in Brooklyn, NY, Avanti Wellness and Rehabilitation in Niles, IL and Good Shepherd Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation in Ashland, OH.

At each facility we filmed testimonials along with b-roll to help illustrate the great impact EarlySense has had on the care teams and their patients.